Top Publications, Ltd.

Submission Guidelines

Top Publications is a small press that publishes mainstream fiction or non-fiction primarily for the U.S. market. We don’t accept poetry, novellas (60,000-word minimum), short stories, memoirs, illustrated books, or textbooks. Most of our authors do not have agents. Being a small press we do not have the ability to guarantee your book will be picked up by the major chains or independent bookstores. Generally, the only way for a new author to get their book in the stores is through book signings, if you can book them. If you are good at social media, you might have a chance at success. But unless you are willing to commit to a lot of hard work and can accept the agony of the journey, there is little likelihood that your book will be successful. Therefore please don’t submit your work unless you are willing and able to make this commitment of time and money. Top can give you the opportunity to get published but your success will depend mainly on your own efforts.

If you are willing to make this commitment and would like Top to consider publishing your book, please email us a query letter telling us something about the book, yourself and, most importantly, your marketing ideas for the book. Send your query letter to Do not mail us your query letter or manuscript as it will be discarded and not returned to you.


Once we receive your submission we will evaluate what you have sent and if we like it we will request the manuscript. We do not send rejection letters because we have to decline a lot of good manuscripts that are sent to us for reasons that have nothing to do with the quality of the work.  We do not accept exclusive submissions. You should get your work in front of as many publishers as possible.


If a contract is offered and accepted publication will take place 6 to 9 months later.  Top is only able to offer small advances, usually $250 to $1,000. We pay a 15% royalty on actual receipts from your book as they are paid to us. Since most of our books are discounted to the distributor by 60% your 15% is effectively 9% of the retail price of the book. According to a recent article, I read the median income of a writer is only $6,800 and nearly a third of writers don't make a penny on their work. Some publishers don’t tell you this up front but we want you to have realistic expectations once you are published. 


Top is an author-friendly publisher. If we publish your book we will keep you fully informed as to what is happening at our end, but realistically once the book is published and available to booksellers, creating a demand for the book will be primarily up to you. If you have any other questions please email us at