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Stan Turner Mystery Vol 13
Bitter Choices by William Manchee
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December 15, 2022 * Hardback * Paperback * March 2023 eBook

The attorneys of Turner & Waters are back at it again. In over their heads, each must win their respective cases or face dire consequences.  It's 1999 and the world is awaiting the predicted Year 2000 calamity when millions of computers were expected to crash simultaneously due to short-sighted programmers. Although governments all over the world have spent billions trying to avoid this disaster, everyone is holding their breath on New Years' Eve, 1999.

Stan's son, Reggie Turner, has joined the firm and has his heart set on practicing personal injury law, but Stan is against it having had bad luck with PI cases in the Past.  When Reggie bags his first PI case he must solicit Paula and Jodie's help in untangling the legal quagmire that is unleashed when Tom "the Tornado" Tyson sues his new client and the District Attorney presses criminal charges against her.

In the meantime, Stan's new estate planning client talks Stan into agreeing to be the executor and trustee in the event of his death, not expecting the client to die just days later. When Stan assumes his duties, his world is shattered, and he is faced with bitter choices.