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Due to a freak auto accident, Jack Carpenter discovers a strange geological formation in the Mojave Desert near Bat Mountain, California. He thinks little about it until he returns out of curiosity and discovers the formation is growing, and doing so at a staggering rate. Fascinated by this, he calls in his friend George Parker, a local geology professor, and together they begin to study the Bat Mountain Formation in earnest.

Professor Parker has never seen or heard of a geological formation that is growing nearly six inches a day, so he contacts a friend at the U.S. Park Service to get him to take a look. Eventually word of the bizarre discovery gets out and people flock to see this miracle in the desert, which is beginning to look like a cathedral.

Seeing an opportunity to save his failing Church of the Living Desert, Reverend John Little proclaims that the Bat Mountain Formation is, indeed, a cathedral and it is being built by God to herald the second coming of Christ.

But before Reverend Little and his flock can get their movement off the ground, the U.S. Army steps in and declares the formation a potential public hazard and possible threat to national security. A series of mysterious deaths and the inability of scientist to explain the phenomenon gives credence to the Army's concern.
Jake West's father liked to travel and took Jake on many vacations all across America. Over the years Jake loved to tell his children about all of his wild and wonderful adventures on these trips.

His children loved these stories and made him tell them over and over again. But they often complained that they hadn't experience their own adventures and desperately wanted to do so.

The Adventures of Jake West, Campfire Tales, is a collection of eight exciting and often amusing stories as well as a chronicle of the extraordinary events that took place on a trip Jake and his family took to Yellowstone National Park.

Step into the shoes of Jake West as he tangles with a black bear, is attacked by coyotes, tries to escape a deadly whirlpool, dines with hobos, and is forced to jump off a railroad bridge to escape being run over by a freight train.


The Stan Turner Mysteries

Melody Monroe, a delightful teenager with ambitions to be a gymnast, loses her parents in a tragic auto accident. She is devastated and falls into a deep depression. Without any relatives to take her in, she ends up with Child Protective Services. Due to what CPS considers to be her bad attitude, they have difficulty placing her with a permanent foster family until Frank and Marjorie Monroe come along. They are a middle-aged couple who want a child but don’t want the hassle of raising one who is very young, so Melody is a perfect fit. Unfortunately, Melody soon finds out Frank is an alcoholic and often beats Marjorie up. And, it also becomes apparent that her new parents each have their own agendas, so she often finds herself caught in the middle of their bickering. Frank, too, has an un-fatherly interest in Melody which is rather unsettling. Before long, Melody learns that Frank and his sister Natalie are beneficiaries of the Monroe Trust which owns a ranch worth millions of dollars. The two hate each other, and as the date draws near for the final release of the trust restriction on selling the ranch, Frank is found dead behind the wheel of his Ford Ranger. When Melody is charged with his murder she begs Stan to defend her.

  A triple homicide is caught on tape by a professional photographer yet the person or persons responsible and the motive for this grisly crime are a mystery. This is the kind of high-profile murder case that attorney Paula Waters loves but as she tries to unravel the twisted facts a critical witness is murdered and two others disappear. When the trial finally begins and she thinks she has everything figured out, Stan informs her that she has it all wrong! Paula isn’t happy with Stan’s revelations, particularly since he has been of little help to her during the trial. In the past, he has been right there with her from the beginning to the end, but this time he has been busy helping their new associate Jodie Marshall with her civil defense of an ex-Army MP who thwarted a thief in a jewelry store heist but managed to shoot the store owner in the process. Stan has his own troublesome bankruptcy case too. A Pakistani immigrant has been defrauded of his life savings of $250,000 by a thug preying on fellow countrymen wanting to immigrate to the U.S. Stan puts his client into a chapter 11 reorganization but the thug has little respect for U.S. laws or its judicial system causing Stan’s plan to go awry. Stan’s unexplained absences from the office further exacerbate his shaky relations with Paula, particularly when she discovers he’s apparently having liaisons with a hooker!

The law firm of Turner & Waters has a new associate. Jodie Waters has finally worked her way up from Stan's secretary to become a full-fledged attorney. Having great confidence in her abilities, Stan asks her to help him in the investigation of a wrongful death case. A worker in a local sweatshop has died and his family wants the owner, Icaro Melendez to pay for the crime. The problem is the Dallas Police and the FBI have closed out the case for lack of evidence. It seems like a hopeless case, but Stan reluctantly agrees to have Jodie look into it. Jodie, excited to have her first case, boldly launches into an investigation and soon finds herself working undercover as the girlfriend of one of Icaro Melendez' sons.

While Jodie and Stan are busy with the Melendez case Paula Waters takes on the defense of a young mother accused of stabbing her husband to death with an ice pick. Paula is ecstatic to get such a high profile case until she finds out her client is broke and this isn't the first time one of Maureen Thompson's husband has been bludgeoned to death with an ice pick. She learns that her client dubbed "the Ice Pick Widow" by the media survived her first murder trial due to a hung jury but wonders if she'll be so lucky this time around.

Dallas attorney Stan Turner struggles to keep his practice going in the wake of the tragic loss of his son and his rapidly disintegrating marriage. Stan, who has been recruited by the CIA for its ultra top secret Tarizon Repopulation project, gets his first assignment to defend a woman accused of murdering her children and alien husband. The alien husband, however, is not from Mexico but Tarizon, a planet in another solar system. Stan must not only prove his client innocent but also make sure nobody finds out that the government is allowing aliens to live and propagate on Earth.

While Stan is busy with his CIA project, Paula is asked to defend the accused in the arson-murder of a prominent scientist and his family. While a bitter feud between neighbors over a barking dog and a chain link fence appears to be the motive for the crime, Paula discovers several others who have benefited from Chester Brown's death.

In the midst of the two murder cases, Stan is lured into a dangerous relationship with an alien woman assigned to him as a legal assistant. He soon learns that the women of Tarizon are even more mysterious and dangerous than those on Earth.

Stan is called out to Possum Kingdom Lake in Central Texas where a boy scout has been killed in a tragic Jeep accident. At first glance it appears to be just a typical case of a reckless teenager driving too fast, but the teenager, Steven Caldwell, insists the accident wasn't his fault. He claims he was distracted by an alien spacecraft flying overhead. At first Stan thinks his client's story is ridiculous, but as his investigation progresses he discovers his client may be telling the truth.

Black Monday

Trade Paperback, ISBN 978-1932475-08-1

Audio MP3, ISBN 978-1-929976-82-9


In Black Monday (Lean Press, Trade Paperback, Summer 2005) one of Stan's clients, a widow, is found murdered in her home along with eleven of her twelve dogs that were living with her. When Stan reviews the old woman's will, he discovers she has appointed him executor of her estate and that her beneficiary is the SPCA. Although she is living like a pauper, Stan finds an ice chest full of gold and silver coins under her house. This piques his interest in this mysterious woman and he set out to find out who she is and why she was murdered.


In the course of the investigation, Stan discovers that the woman's dead husband was a lieutenant in the U.S. Army during World War II who apparently stole priceless art treasures that were entrusted to his care during the Allied occupation of Germany at the end of the war. Further investigation reveals that the stolen art is the famous Ludinburg Collection, a collection that includesa 9th century version of the Four Gospels, the Reliquary, and other gifts from kings and emperors who ruled numerous German states in the 9th and 10th century. Stan teams up with Detective Bingo Besch of the Dallas Police Department to search for clues as to Lottie's murderer and the whereabouts of the famous art collection.


While Stan is chasing down Lottie West's killer and looking for the Ludinburg Collection, he and his partner Paula Waters are also in the midst of the defending Jimmy Bennett accused of the murder of his father-in-law, the Chairman of Metroplex Savings and Loan. To further complicate matters Stan is drawn into a turf fight between the FBI and CIA involving the Iran-Contra Scandal and digs up information that could get him killed.

Deadly Distractions (Stan Turner Mystery #6)

Trade Paperback, ISBN 978-1-932475-02-9, $13.00

Audio MP3, ISBN 978-1-935722-61-8, $18.00


After two tough years practicing law, Stan and his family take a well deserved vacation to Colorado. Unfortunately the vacation is cut short when a client is found standing over the body of a dead IRS agent. It appears to be an open and shut case since Dusty Thomas has had a long feud with the dead agent Bobby Tuttle, and more than enough motive to kill him, yet he claims to be innocent.

Stan's new partner Paula Waters convinces Stan to finish his vacation promising to handle Dusty Thomas' arraignment and get an investigation underway. While Stan is away, she makes good on her promise and even manages to arrange financing for Dusty's defense. But Stan is mortified when he reads in the Colorado papers that a radical paramilitary group, the Citizens Defense Alliance or CDA, is doing the funding.


Since the CDA denies the legitimacy of the federal income tax and has been a target of federal prosecutors for many years, Stan and Paula immediately come under the close scrutiny of the FBI and the press. To further complicate matters, Stan's best client and close friend, Tex Weller, is reported missing by his wife. When Stan investigates his disappearance he finds a letter that leads him to believe Tex is in Ecuador.


While Stan is searching for Tex in Ecuador, Paula continues her investigation of Bobby Tuttle's murder and quickly discovers a long list of enemies with motives to kill him. But her investigation is sidetracked when she learns Stan is missing and may have been kidnaped. As weeks go by and Stan isn't found, she is forced to turn her attention back to the Dusty Thomas case and leave the search for Stan up to the FBI and the local Ecuadorian authorities. Barely able to concentrate, she plods on and day by day and soon becomes convinced that Dusty Thomas is innocent.

Ca$h Call (Stan Turner Mystery #5)

Trade Paperback, ISBN 0-966366-8-6, 328 pages

Audio MP3 CD, ISBN 978-1-929976-86-0


Stan and Rebekah's good friends, Don and Pam Blaylock, are in deep trouble. An imprudent investment in a Golden Dragon franchise and their son's arrest for DWI trigger an avalanche of misfortune culminating with the murder of Luther Bell, the smooth-talking restaurant promoter responsible for their impending demise. While Stan conducts a preemptive investigation to prove his clients are innocent, he is inundated with lawsuits and claims from their growing list of creditors and must deal with the inevitable marital strife that threatens this once proud family. Then one of Stan's old flames resurfaces and makes a play for Stan's affections. A wrongful death suit worth millions, ancient Peruvian pottery filled with diamonds, and a confrontation with the Mob round out this nail-biting legal thriller.

Second Chair (Stan Turner Mystery #4)

Trade Paperback, ISBN 0-9666366-9-4, $14.95

Audio CD - ISBN 978-1935722-53-3

Audio MP3 -978-1-935722-52-6


It's 1981 in Dallas and Stan decides to throw a Christmas party as a way of saying thanks to the clients who have sustained him during his first tumultuous year in the practice of law. As Stan's luck would have it, a ice storm hits Dallas and a client slips on Stan’s icy walkway causing him to suffer a massive coronary. Stan is blamed for his client’s untimely death and must shield himself from the wrath of the grieving widow.


In the meantime, Stan is asked to defend a young college student charged with murdering her newborn child. Knowing he lacks the experience for such an undertaking, he enlists his former criminal law professor to be "Second Chair." What he doesn't know is the professor, who everyone calls "Snake" is a drunk and a womanizer. Before the trial even gets started, Stan and his family start getting threats through the mail, the letters are cut out of magazines so they can not be traced.





After a court appearance, Stan's beautiful corvette has all of its tires slashed and windows broken out and a message scratched on his hood saying;




Even after all of that, Stan decides to keep on defending Sarah because he believes in her innocence.

Brash Endeavor (Stan Turner Mystery #3)

Trade Paperback, ISBN 1-884570-89-5, JUly 1998

Audio MPC, ISBN 978-1929976-64-9

Audio CD ROM, ISBN 978-1929976-63-2

Audio MP3, ISBN 978-1-929976-64-9


Step into the shoes of Dallas attorney, Stan Turner, in the late 1970's as he begins the practice of law. Then hang on for the ride of your life as Stan immediately steps into a rattlesnake's nest and has to do some fancy two-steppin' to avoid a lethal strike from his own clients. When Stan's wife, Rebekah, is arrested for murder and a client turns out to be a ghost, Stan turns in his legal pad for a detective's notebook and goes to work to solve these most perplexing mysteries.


Teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, Stan pushes on relentlessly to extricate himself and his family from certain doom. Sex, greed and a lust for power drive this most extraordinary novel to a stunning conclusion.


Disillusioned (Stan Turner Mystery #2)

Trade Paperback, ISBN 978-1-929976-66-9

Audio MP3, ISBN 978-1-935722-64-9


After being discharged from the United States Marine Corps, Stan ends up in Dallas where he intends to finish law school. He's broke and with three young children he and Rebekah must work, she as a nurse and he selling life insurance, to make ends meet. It's an election year and Stan is recruited into become Republican County Chairman with the promise that he will have very little to do as the staff handles everything. He's excited with the title and the prospect of helping President Gerald Ford in his campaign against Jimmy Carter.


The campaign is marred, however by an untimely FBI investigation into the financial dealings of a major party contributor, Brad Thornton. The investigation unleashes an avalanche of misfortune beginning with the alleged murder-suicide of Stan’s friend, Rob Shepard, his wife Cindy and their three children and culminating in the resignation of two republican candidates for the 67th District’s state representative seat.


Stan, who can't believe his best friend could have murdered his family, with the help of a law schoo professor and a pretty school mate, Paula Waters,  launches his own personal investigation to clear Rob’s name. When the investigation turns up new evidence that threatens members of a powerful Mexican drug cartel, Stan is kidnapped and taken to a secluded place called "the dump" where he is to be murdered and his body burned to prevent identification.



UNDAUNTED (Stan Turner Mystery #1)

Undaunted is the coming of age story of Stan Turner and how he came to be a criminal defense attorney. When he was very young in the 50's growing up in Southern California he always loved to go to the county fair. One year the main attraction was a Univac Computer programmed to tell fortunes. Stan had his fortune told and it was a very ominous one forewarning him of a very perilous and difficult life.


His fortune turns out to be a premonition as he almost immediately finds himself in deep trouble. He and his friend Steve are nearly killed by a train that catches up them midway across a railroad bridge over the Ventura River. They manage to escape injury, but their bikes are destroyed. Rather than confess the truth to their parents, they lie and claim their bikes were stolen. Later, when two hobos are charged with the theft and put on trial, Stan is torn by his own self interest in keeping quiet and guilt over the two innocent men being wrongfully punished. The hobo's are found guilty but Stan can't stand the guilt and confesses. Fortunately he is young and his deceit is forgiven.


This experience reveals to Stan a strong moral conscious that he never realized he possessed and sparks an interest in the law. Soon he decides he wants to go to law school and become an attorney. In the late sixties while an undergrad at UCLA, Stan meets and falls in love with a beautiful brunette, Rebekah. They are married during their junior year and finish out college together. Misfortune strikes again, however, when Stan is drafted into the Marine Corps after his first year of law school and the first person he inadvertently befriends at boot camp turns out to be serial killer.

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William Manchee is an attorney by trade and practices law in Dallas with his son Jim. Originally from southern California, he lives now in Plano, Texas with his wife Janet. He is the author of the ten volume Stan Turner Mystery series inspired by many actual cases from his past. His other works include the Rich Coleman Novels, Death Pact, Plastic Gods, and coming in 2012, Unconscionable. He is also the author of the nonfiction book Go Broke, Die Rich, Turning Around the Troubled Small Business (January 2012).