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Trade Paperback, ISBN 978-1-929976-72-0,  257 Pages, $14.95


All Catherine "Cat" Adams wants is another shot at the American dream. But her American dream turns into the American nightmare when she rescues her four-year-old son from the bottom of a muddy pit where his foot has become entangled in the rib cage of a skeleton. Her discovery places her squarely in conflict with a local politician, William Buchman, who has presidential ambitions and will stop at nothing to keep the truth firmly planted in the ground. Cat must confront the skeletons in her own closet as she races to solve the identity of the true Buchman heir.

Melody Bussey

A product of the Appalachian Mountains, Melody Bussey grew up in Mt. Sterling, Ky. While working on her writing career, Ms. Bussey has worked in various arenas including elementary music teacher, vocal instructor and veterinarian technician. Melody, who has since moved to Florida to became a full time writer. Crazy Cats is Ms. Bussey's first book in her new Country Woman Mystery Series, featuring "Cat" Adams. She is now working on her second book, Caterwaul.