In this non-fiction book Manchee explores the myriad of reasons why small businesses fail, provides practical advice on how to turn an ailing business around, and gives dozens of examples of entrepreneurs he has worked with in the past who have successfully reorganized their businesses. Go Broke, Die Rich is written in a concise and entertaining style with lots of interesting stories and even a little poetry.




HJ Ralles


In addition to writing novels, H. J. Ralles is a popular creative writing teacher who travels to middle schools all across the nation to share  her knowledge and experiences with her enthusiastic students and fans.  Back at her home in Houston, Texas she lives with her husband, two children in college,and a devoted black Labrador.  She is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writer's and Illustrators.

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Paperback 978-1-935722-9-22

Hardback 978-1-935722-8-54

Henry’s mother has fallen in love with Orozimbo, a dilapidated eighty-year-old cottage that is nothing more than a pile of rubble! Or is it? When Henry’s parents purchase the old Texas cotton plantation, they get a lot more than just the property. Ghosts are everywhere! They threaten Henry and his cousin, Emily, and the two are caught up in a web of unresolved problems from centuries past. The only way for Henry to find peace is to solve the mysteries of Orozimbo.




William Manchee is a consumer lawyer by trade and practices in Dallas with his son Jim. Originally from southern California, he lives now in Plano, Texas with his wife Janet. He is the author of the ten volume Stan Turner Mystery series inspired by many actual cases from his past. His other works include the Rich Coleman Novels, Death Pact, Plastic Gods, and coming in 2012, Unconscionable, set in the midst of the mortgage crisis of 2008. He is also the author of the nonfiction book Go Broke, Die Rich, Turning Around the Troubled Small Business (January 2012).


a Stan Turner Mystery Vol 11

By William Manchee


A triple homicide is caught on tape by a professional photographer yet the person or persons responsible and the motive for this grisly crime are a mystery. This is the kind of high-profile murder case that attorney Paula Waters loves but as she tries to unravel the twisted facts a critical witness is murdered and two others disappear. When the trial finally begins and she thinks she has everything figured out, Stan informs her that she has it all wrong!

Paula isn’t happy with Stan’s revelations, particularly since he has been of little help to her during the trial. In the past he has been right there with her from the beginning to the end, but this time he has been busy helping their new associate Jodie Marshall with her civil defense of an ex-Army MP who thwarted a thief in a jewelry store heist but managed to shoot the store owner in the process.

Stan has his own troublesome bankruptcy case too. A Pakistani immigrant has been defrauded of his life savings of $250,000 by a thug preying on fellow countrymen wanting to immigrate to the U.S. Stan puts his client into a chapter 11 reorganization but the thug has little respect for U.S. laws or its judicial system causing Stan’s plan to go awry.


The Tarizon Saga

BY William Manchee

Trade Paperback - 354 pages  ISBN-13: 978-1935722823

Due to a freak auto accident, Jack Carpenter discovers a strange geological formation in the Mojave Desert near Bat Mountain, California. He thinks little about it until he returns out of curiosity and discovers the formation is growing, and doing so at a staggering rate. Fascinated by this he calls in his friend George Parker, a local geology professor, and together they begin to study the Bat Mountain Formation in earnest. George has never seen or heard of a geological formation that is growing nearly six inches a day, so he contacts a friend at the U.S. Park Service to get him to take a look. Eventually the word of the bizarre discovery gets out and people flock to see this miracle in the desert, which is beginning to look like a cathedral. Seeing an opportunity to save his failing Church of the Living Desert, Reverent John Little proclaims that the Bat Mountain Formation is, indeed, a cathedral and it is being built by God to herald the second coming of Christ. But before Reverend Little and his flock can get their movement off the ground, the U.S. Army steps in and declares the formation a potential public hazard and possible threat to national security. A series of mysterious deaths and the inability of scientist to explain the phenomenon gives credence to the Army's concern.