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Paperback Editiion * June 2019 * ISBN 978-1-935722-64-9

Lenore James, a woman of independent means who has outlived three husbands, is determined to disentangle her brother Gilbert from the beguiling Charlotte Eden. Chafing against misogyny and racism in the post-Civil War South, Lenore learns that Charlotte’s husband is enmeshed in the re-enslavement schemes of a powerful judge, and she worries that Gilbert’s adoration of Charlotte will lead him into disaster. Inspired by a production of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, Lenore adopts the role of Paulina for herself to discover how far Charlotte’s husband bears the blame for his wife’s fate and whether or not he is capable of atonement. In her process of unraveling the intricacies of the lives of others, Lenore finds that Gilbert’s love for Charlotte is, indeed, his saving grace while Lenore’s passion for creative expression is her own.


Trade Paperback, ISBN 978-1-929976-16-4, $14.95

eBook, ISBN 978-1-935722-41-0


"It was Isabelle's turn to sit with the body. The room was mercifully cold. The chill masked the odor of decay, froze it midair between the coffin by the shuttered windows and the smoldering fire in the tiled hearth across the room. Isabelle stared into the ashes crumbling around a half-hidden heart of embers that glowed orange beneath black like a small, secret hell." In November, 1865, still mourning her fiance's death, Isabelle Ross joins with journalist Paul Delahoussaye at Belle Ombre Plantation to untangle a murderous web of secrets and lies.






ISBN 1-881164-41-6, Trade Paperback, 308 pages

eBook, ISBN 978-935722-18-2 $4.99


Romance and suspense combine at an 1874 Mardi Gras ball when 15-year-old Juliette Carondel meets her forbidden love, Union Private Roland Montgomery. Juliette narrates her dangerous courtship, echoing Romeo & Juliet's, while weaving together details of ballroom, wedding, and burial customs with a touch of voodoo. Juliette defies her family's prejudices and finds a way to live for love, not die for it




Rosemary Poole-Carter is a novelist and playwright whose work focuses on the history, mystery and eccentricity of the American South. Her plays have been produced in the Unitied States and Europe, and include Mossy Cape, based on Southern folklore, and The Little Death, set in 19th century New Orleans. Her other novels are What Remains, an historical mystery, and Juliette Ascending, a young adult historical. Rosemary is a member of the Historical Novel Society and Mystery Writers of America. A graduate of the university of Texas at Austin, she lives in Houston.