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J.M. Kelly

    Monster on the Moors

a Bobby Holmes Mystery/Thriller

December 2019 * Hardback ISBN 978-1-935722-98-4 * 262 Pages

Bobby Holmes, Brenda Watson and friends are embroiled in a deadly mystery. A vicious beast roams the eerie North York Moors of England in search of blood, controlled by the ancient, evil   Witches of Westerdale. While searching for their missing friend, they rely on information from a librarian who is much more than he seems, a gypsy king with magical gifts, and a mysterious stranger at the center of it all. The climax builds as they race to a floating cottage in the mist to save their friend and finally confront the crazed creature in a fight to the death.

J. M. Kelly

J.M. Kelly has been a middle school teacher, a vice-principal, a principal, a Co-Director of the New Jersey State History Fair, a consultant for the New Jersey Foundation for Educational Administration, a current Board member of the Global Learning Project (a non-profit) and Past-President of the Morris County Association of Elementary and Middle School Administrators.  He has been the recipient of numerous education awards such as the New Jersey Governor’s Teacher Award, two Geraldine Dodge Foundation Grants, and by acclamation of his school staff, received the New Jersey Principal’s and Supervisor’s Association Principal of the Year Award for Visionary Leadership in 2007. He has authored two professional books:  Student–Centered Teaching for Increased Participation and In Search of Leadership.

His love of mysteries, adventures and everything about Sherlock Holmes, helped in the creation of Bobby Holmes and his cousin Brenda Watson. Tommy 

Jim divides his time between Sea Girt, New Jersey and Sarasota, Florida, with his wife Bronwen. They have three children.