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Trade Paperback, ISBN 978-1-929976-34-8,  226 Pages, $14.95


It'12 Mysteries + 12 Locations = MURDER ACROSS THE MAP - where Evil
knows no boundaries and Death doesn’t ask directions.

MURDER ACROSS THE MAP is evil, ironic, love sick, shocking, perverse,
surprising, sex-charged, charming, biblical, disingenuous, sinful, and
disarming. And that just describes the authors!

Crime stories for the armchair traveler. Where adventures in tourism can be deadly.


Patricia Gulley is a retired travel agent from a major travel agency in the USA. She has, and still, travels widely, cruising is her favorite. She grew up in Pennsylvania and worked with two airlines in New York City before moving to Portland Oregon, where she now lives on a floating home. Though she never found a body, though one night half a smashed pumpkin stuck between her house and the walkway gave her a scare, she has experienced almost everything else mentioned in her story. She loves clubs, conferences and conventions and has helped run a few for Mystery and Science Fiction. She is the editor of the In SinC Docket. She has one daughter and two grandchildren.