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Kay Finch

The  Corie McKenna Mysteries



Trade Paperback, ISBN 978-1-929976-68-3,  253 Pages, $14.95



Houston PI Corie McKenna thinks her new case is a routine nasty divorce with a philandering husband duking it out with his wife, owner of a swanky spa, Serenity in the City. The spa owner wants her husband out of her life pronto. Not that difficult ordinarily, except the husband dodges being served with divorce papers. When Corie catches up with the him, her problems are just beginning. For a spa hair stylist, her final cut of the day turns out to be her final cut – ever. Shortly after the body is found, the husband disappears with far more than his share of the community property.


Corie’s socialite mother may be happy to pay mega bucks for mud facials while wading knee-deep in gossip, but Serenity in the City spa is the last place Corie wants to hang out. Unfortunately, the stylist’s death means Corie has more than a professional obligation to investigate – she wants to keep her mother safe, too. While searching for the missing husband and trying to keep an eye on her mother’s safety, Corie reluctantly becomes a spa patron. To her surprise, the spa clients like to chitchat not about the stylist’s death, but something even closer to home: a rash of burglaries hitting area residents.

Unknown to Corie, every step she takes brings her closer to the killer. Even the spa’s most calming aromatherapy can’t help her when she might become the next victim of a killer with more in mind than massages and haircuts.




ISBN 1-929976-20-8,Trade Paperback,

289 Pages, $14.95



Houston PI Corie McKenna spearheads investigations by day and relaxes by writing country music lyrics at night. But when a routine divorce case turns into murder and Corie finds herself tangled in a web of greed and deception, even the most soothing ballad won't slow her down. Struggling to prove her obnoxious client is innocent, Corie follows a trail from a seedy warehouse to the medical center's disinfected hallways, and finally to a men's club, where she makes a disturbing personal discovery. Attorney Wade Alexander urges her to bow out, but an unsettling truth hits far too close to home and cannot be ignored a revelation that may well cost Corie her life.



Kay Finch doesn’t solve murders in real life, but with more than twenty years as a paralegal at a family law firm, she’s well-versed in the potential madness and folly of divorce. Kay uses real-life experience as the tipping point to inspire her fiction. She is a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and the State Bar of Texas Paralegal Division. Kay lives in a Houston, Texas, suburb with her husband, two Labrador retrievers, and a cat.