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Los Alamos, New Mexico, late November/early December 1999. The 1945 pact generates deadly fallout in the here and now -- murders, spying, blackmail and greed. A Spy Within by Lynnette Baughman tells the tale.  While researching a book on the Trinity Project, Los Alamos residents Rose Hulle and Patrice Kelsey discover the "Last Man Bottle" legend and grow curious about a 1945 spy, code-named "Perseus." One night Rose and Patrice meet with one of the "Last Man Bottle" survivors, now in a nursing home. The Trinity survivor describes the "Last Man Bottle" pact and reveals crucial information about spies who sent Russia bomb-building secrets.






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On her first day in Las Vegas, Olivia Wright arrives to apply for a job writing the memoirs of fading movie star Margot Farr, famous for her carousel of husbands and her roller coaster weight. When Margot is murdered and Olivia discovers the detective is her former lover, Mace Emerick, she agrees to be the homicide department's secret witness inside the investigation. Plenty of suspects stood to gain by Margot's death, but when Olivia is exposed to the press as a witness and Mace is fired, the two of them are on their own to solve the crime.



Former newspaper editor Lynnette Baughman is widely recognized for her bestselling espionage novel, A Spy Within, set in her hometown of Los Alamos, New Mexico. In Thin Disguise she shows her inside knowledge of Las Vegas gained as a feature writer for newspapers there and as the publicity writer for a major hotel/casino on the Las Vegas Strip. A native of Bremerton, Wash., and graduate of New Mexico State University, Lynnette lives in Los Alamos with her husband. She's a regular columnist for the Santa Fe New Mexican and has written features for Reader's Digest, Runner's World, and other magazines.