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The Cross Country Killer

Trade Paperback, ISBN 978-1-929976-11-9, $14.95

eBook, ISBN 978-1-935722-08-3



The Cross Country Killer, the Glen Rogers Story provides an insightful look into the mind and making of an American predator. Glen Rogers, twice on America's 10 Most Wanted list, is currently on death row in Florida. He brags about having killed over 70 people, one of which may have been Nicole Brown Simpson. Could it be a coincidence she was murdered just after meeting Glen. There are witnesses who saw them partying together and there's even a photo of them together. A sad but fascination story that will keep you mesmerized to the end.







ISBN 1-881164-83-7, Trade Paperback, 308 pages

eBook, ISBN 978-935722-06-9 $4.99


Camellia "Mel" Walker, a young California insurance investigator, receives unexpected news that her father, a veteran policeman, is dead. The police think the elder Walker committed suicide, but Mel knows suicide is out of character for her father; her intuition proves justified when she becomes the victim of a mugging and a series of suspicious accidents. This realistic, suspenseful police procedural, Spizer's third book, capably blends traditional police routine and modern, computer-based sleuthing.




Hardback, ISBN 1-881164-85-3, $17.95

eBook, ISBN 978-1-935722-13-7



Plunge with P.I. Camellia “Mel” Walker and her witty gay pistol-packing partner Johnnie Blake into trouble. Meeting a client in a dark alley, Mel doesn’t expect an ambush. As usual, Mel’s nose for investigation and her pursuit of justice for the deceased Peter Connelly tests her bond with tough, sexy cop X-Ray Ramirez, a former small-time teenage hood Mel’s deceased father (read all about it in COP) took under his wing.
Mel has a way of disregarding crime scene rules that creates an interesting ongoing tension with the police department her deceased father, murdered in the previous book, loved. But Mel, whose nose for justice may soon need surgery by the mysterious Dr. Sarah Reynolds, who she links to the murder through snooping in the dead man’s house, isn’t being disrespectful of law and order. She has a soft spot for underdogs such as Terry Malone, a stripper with a heart of gold who owns the Skin Inn (in a humorous scene, Mel is offered a job and asked “Is you a dyke?”), a connection to Peter Connelly and Peter’s bank-robbing partner Buddy Danko, who also winds up dead. Did we happen to mention Peter Connelly pulled off a bank heist with Buddy and that Mel is looking for the other half of a bond he gave her as payment? Sometimes having a sense of right and wrong makes life too complicated. Particularly when your slimy attorney ex-husband plays the temporary good guy to defend Terry Malone and…without giving away the ending, it was a surprise that plays into a scorned woman’s wish-fulfillment dreams. Spizer knows her craft.

Occasionally, Mel takes a break from murder to help out loyal housekeeper Rosa’s women’s shelter project, deepen her relationship with Texas oilman Lucas Tanner, and even wrestle with crow’s feet and gray hair…plus, the adorable Johnnie falls in love! The cover is striking, designed by writer Raul Melendez ( In the glut of mysteries, this is a keeper.





Trade Paperback, ISBN 978-1932475-08-1

eBook, ISBN 978-1935722-59-5


Private investigator Camellia "Mel" Walker flies from her home in Orange County, CA to East Texas in search of her son's former classmate, eight-year-old Angel Boudreaux. Mel knows better than to stand between an estranged husband with a long police record and his battered wife, but her search for justice spurs her deeper into the case once she finds a spleen that could belong to Angel. Along the way, she becomes embroiled in small town justice, feuding families, and joins a posse chasing convicts through the Big Thicket in this third installment of the Harbour Pointe Mystery Series.



Considered the "Hart-Hart" of Southern California investigators, Joyce and her husband Harold investigated cases involving move stars, mobsters, and millionaires during their careers that spanned several decades. Changes in law enforcement, the judicial system, and how citizens respond, have become bountiful fruit for her Harbour Pointe Mystery Series; fictionalized stories taken from her actual case files.


Her experience with serial Killers have led her to the dark world Glen Rogers, a serial killer with perhaps more than 70 victims. Rogers, now on death row in Florida has also been convicted of murder in California. The Cross Country Killer, The Glen Rogers Story as told by Joyce and Glen's brother, Claude Rogers, Jr.