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Death in the Gardens by Roberta Rogow







Trade Paperback, ISBN 978-1-929976-34-8,  226 Pages, $14.95


It'12 Mysteries + 12 Locations = MURDER ACROSS THE MAP - where Evil
knows no boundaries and Death doesn’t ask directions.

MURDER ACROSS THE MAP is evil, ironic, love sick, shocking, perverse,
surprising, sex-charged, charming, biblical, disingenuous, sinful, and
disarming. And that just describes the authors!

Crime stories for the armchair traveler. Where adventures in tourism can be deadly.


Roberta Rogow is the author of four mystery novels in which Mr. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson(better known as Lewis Carroll) teams up with young Dr. Arthur Conan Doyle to solve mysterious deaths when the local police either cannot, do not, or will not take action.

She has also written Sherlock Holmes pastiche stories and participated in the "Merovingen Nights" Shared Universe anthologies.

When she is not writing or attending Science Fiction and Mystery conventions, Roberta is a children's librarian at a public library in New Jersey.