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Trade Paperback * ISBN 978-1-929976-67-3

332 Pages, $21.95


A high school student, Kevin Wells, while serving on an ROTC color guard at a U.S. sponsored trade conference, is confronted with the imminent assassination of a foreign head of state. In an attempt to save the life of Trinidad-Tobago’s Prime Minister, Ahmad Shah, Kevin is shot and nearly dies. By the time Kevin regains consciousness 10 days later, he has become a national hero and his life has changed forever.

Before he leaves the hospital, Kiran Shah, the Prime Minister’s daughter comes to visit to thank him for saving her father’s life. Kevin, who has been searching for his soul mate, is overwhelmed by Kiran’s radiance and beauty and thinks she might be the one. Unfortunately when she returns to Trinidad-Tobago, Kevin fears he will never see her again.

Much to his shock and delight, Kevin is summoned to Trinidad-Tobago by the Prime Minister to testify against his alleged assassin. Kevin is delighted since this will allow him to see Kiran again. What Kevin doesn’t know is that the Prime Minister’s enemies plan to kill him before he can testify.






Trade Paperback * ISBN 978-1-929976-74-7

$21.95 *337 Pages


A college student is framed for a huge bank robbery and ends up on trial for murder when a bank official is found dead in the vault.

UCLA student Fred Fuller is pleased with his new part time job as a messenger for Bank USA. The job pays well, the hours are perfect, and many of the bank tellers he works with are young and pretty. When one of the tellers takes a special interest in Fred he struggles to remain faithful to his college girlfriend, Maria. But this temptation is nothing compared to the dilemma he faces when he discovers a bag full of the bank's money in his company vehicle and realizes he’s been set up to take the fall for a six million dollar bank heist. 


William Manchee is an attorney by trade and practices law in Dallas with his son Jim. Originally from southern California, he lives now in Plano, Texas with his wife Janet writing in 1995 when he wrote Twice Tempted. He vowed then to write a novel every year for the rest of his life. So far he is on schedule as Deadly Defiance is is his eighteenth published novel.